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Ron Morin, owner of Sugarloaf Ambulance/Rescue Vehicles, has been designing and building emergency vehicles for over 30 years. Ron served as chair of the state of Maine's Committee for Ambulance Design Criteria. Ron is a paramedic from the original class of '82 and he served as a member of the Maine EMS Board and was founder of the Maine EMS Honor/Color Guard. The fire service is also familiar with Ron Morin as the Chief of the Carrabassett Valley, Maine Fire Department for seventeen years. In 1990, Sugarloaf Ambulance/Rescue Vehicles became an authorized sales dealer for PL Custom Emergency Vehicles and added Rescue 1 in 1996. 

"LOST ANGELS" SQUAD 51 (Replica) is available for your special event !

This replica of the Squad 51 from the TV Series Emergency! became possible by purchasing a 1971 Dodge from Alna Fire Dept. in Maine and an original Paramedic RESCUE Body from California. While searching for a utility body, I came across the body on eBay that had been in a storage shed for more than fifteen years. 
We flew to California and dug the body out of a storage shed and with come-a-longs (1971 style) we loaded it into a rental truck and drove back to Maine. The body required some work, however the cab was in immaculate condition, with only 7,980 miles on it. We have applied the graphics. " LOST ANGELS" FIRE DEPT& RESCUE SQUAD.  
There is very simple lettering, as to not duplicate the original trademark of the L A County Fire Dept. The original TV Series show vehicle is in the L A County Fire Museum. 
As you can see, I am very excited about this adventure and its potential. The first showing was at The Fire House Grill, in Auburn, Maine with my friends from Firehouse Dolls, the first of many public shows with the "LOST ANGELS". I, personally was inspired by the TV Series Emergency! to become a PARAMEDIC in 1982, in Maine's first graduating class. 
Having given more than forty years in Emergency Medical Services, I now have the ability to give back, by making the younger generation understand where us Dinosaurs of EMS came from.

So, if you have a special event, where you would like to show the Heritage of EMS, we would be proud to help with the Squad 51 !

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