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Here's what some of our customers have to say about Sugarloaf Ambulance/Rescue Vehicles.
 Franklin (NH) Fire Dept.

Sugarloaf Ambulance (Ron Morin) is the #1 reason for choosing PL. We are also very impressed with the overall quality. Proud to be in the PL family!

Kevin LaChapelle
Fire Chief

Searsport (ME) Ambulance

Ron, I felt the need to express why we are going with you on our new rig purchase, and its not as simple as one reason. You really spent time working with us to simplify the bid process and explained everything to us. You knowledge base is truly unmatched.

Your quote was so simple to understand, even our selectmen understood it! And simply put, we have heard no negative feedback from any other ambulance service about you!

Thank you, Ron Morin, for being as dedicated to serving your customers and prospective customers.  

Terry Cook Jr.
Orono (ME) Fire Rescue

We purchased a brand new PL Custom in 2007. We love it. This year we bought a Demo that Ron had and we love that one also. Ron is a great salesman and a great guy. You guys have a great product and warranty.

Buddy Webb
Fire Chief

Brunswick (ME) Fire Dept.

This is our 5th PL Custom. PL is all about Quality and the customer service we get from Sugarloaf is Top of the Line.

Ken Brillant
Fire Chief

South Berwick (ME) Rescue

Ron and his staff were very helpful during the entire process. Answered all of our questions and provided all information in a very timely manner.

Bill Reichert

 Old Town (ME) Fire Dept.

Ron & Justin are by far the best team around; their service is top notch and quick. We appreciate their efforts to keep our vehicles on the road with little downtime.

Adam Martell

 Epping (NH)

PL Custom is by far a superior product when comparing apples to apples with other brands.

Bruce Chapman
Deputy Chief

Scarborough (ME) Fire Dept.

I have personally known Ron Morin for several years and he is one of the most honest and sincere sales reps that I have had the pleasure of working with. He is a man of his word, and his warranty service is second to none.

We have [purchased 12 PL ambulance] since 2000. We are a fairly busy department responding to approximately 2,500 EMS calls per year from two stations. We run two primary units with full time paramedics 24/7 and have a third identical ambulance that is used by a call company and serves as a spare when one of the primary trucks is undergoing routine maintenance and repairs, Ron’s crew has been responsive and their workmanship and attention to detail are exceptional.

In 2005 we started working on the design and specifications for our first new heavy rescue apparatus. Over a period of two years we worked with various dealers and manufacturers to design an apparatus that would suit our needs well into the future. When the bids were opened we were pleased that Rescue 1 won our contract. We placed the unit in service in 2007 and have been extremely happy. Designing a heavy rescue takes a tremendous amount of pre-planning, and space utilization is a key component. The engineers and sales staff at [Rescue 1] were extremely helpful and spent as much time as was needed to make sure we got the end product we wanted.

When I led the final inspection trip to the Rescue 1 factory for the custom tool mounting on our new truck just prior to delivery, Ron Morin brought the entire crew that worked on our truck over to meet our members to show them the level of personal pride they put into building our truck. During that time I took the opportunity to tell each and every one of them that in my 26 years of service on the truck committee I had never been through such a painless process and how pleased I was with the final product. From planning and design to final finish the entire organization works with one goal in mind, and that is complete customer satisfaction.

I would not hesitate to recommend PL Custom, Rescue 1, and Sugarloaf Ambulance/Rescue Vehicles for your next purchase.

B. Michael Thurlow
Fire Chief

NorthStar (ME) EMS
NorthStar EMS and Franklin Memorial Hospital have been purchasing and remounting ambulances through Ron Morin and PL Custom [since 1995]. The services that were taken over by Franklin Memorial Hospital had been using PL trucks for several years before that, some for as long as 25-30 years. Over this time, we estimate that we have taken delivery of well over [30] Type III new ambulances or remounts manufactured by PL Custom. Periodically we have gone out for other bids but always find that Ron and PL have the best overall deal. All of our ambulances are PL Custom trucks.


During our relationship we have found Ron Morin and PL Custom to be dependable, thorough, honest, and manufacturing quality equipment. They have been willing to work with us on the details, change orders as needed, and deliver on time. They have stood by their warranties (when infrequently needed). Their customer service is excellent. Whenever issues have come up, they work hard to make it right for the customer.



David B. Robie
Executive Director

Delta (ME) Ambulance

I have known and bought ambulances for [over 20] years from Ron Morin dba Sugarloaf Ambulance/Rescue Vehicles. I have purchased several vehicles from Ron all of them PL CUSTOMS. During that time Ron has stood by his word, delivering “Fanatical Customer Service; Practiced Every Single Day.” Ron used to do the warranty work, now he has 3 factory trained technicians and two service vehicles. They come to you bringing many years of experience and 90% of the time the necessary parts to put your unit back on the street. There is service after the sale. Ron has learned over the years to help you build what you asked for as well as what you need. There is a big difference between the two. Ron and PL Custom have been leaders in the industry trying to keep patients and paramedics safe. PL designed and built the 3 step side entry system, eliminating that horrible 2 step entry. The PL product is second to none.


Paul D. Thompson
Operations Coordinator

Town of Sanford (ME) Fire Dept.

I realize that in smaller businesses the owners do things for the customers that bigger companies are unable or unwilling to do. This usually centers on a business decision and dollars and cents. I realize that over the years the Sanford Fire Department had purchased a few ambulances from your company and a good business person would provide good service to their customer.


One Thanksgiving eve the Sanford Fire Department had an incident that severely contaminated (biologically) one of our rescues. The vehicle was placed out of service and extensive decon was started. This involved the actual disassembly of some of the components inside the patient compartment. We started doing things and taking apart items that were beyond what we might or should have been doing to support decon. Recognizing this, we put a call in to your company. Now, knowing it was Thanksgiving Day before we started this project, we thought that we would have to go through the holiday period without that vehicle. Surprisingly you told us that you would be right down to assist, allowing for travel time of course. Upon your arrival you assisted us with the disassembly and reassembly of components needed to decon the vehicle and we were back in service in several hours.


Customers certainly benefit from long term relationships like the one we enjoy with you, but I truly feel that the service and commitment exhibited that day goes above and beyond. It would be great for you to travel to Sanford to assist with the decon on a regular day, but to put aside your Thanksgiving Day plans and travel to help us is remarkable service. I talk with many departments in my travels and tell of this service and it makes me thankful that we’re a customer.

Thank you for the great service and I look forward to more of the same in the future.


Jeff Rowe
Chief of Department

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